National Fry Processing Trial: a consortium of growers, frozen product processors and state organizations first agreed to this effort in May 2010 and they serve as the advisory committee of this project. The goal is to characterize advanced breeding lines with respect to acrylamide forming potential and acrylamide precursors. Feedback on the draft plan occurred on December 2010 at a meeting of industry representatives, potato breeders and researchers in Chicago. The program evaluates advanced lines at three locations (ID, WA, ND) in 2011 and at five locations (WI and ME are added) starting from 2012. Tuber asparagine, sugar content, and acrylamide in fries after 1, 4, and 8 months of storage are quantified to establish the range of these traits in cultivars and advanced lines. In each year, selected clones are processed into fries at JR Simplot in Caldwell, ID and McCain Foods in New Brunswick, Canada where fries are evaluated using quick service restaurant (QSR) specifications for their consumer attributes. NFPT is an unprecedented national effort that proves the possibility of success of public-private partnership to solve a real world problem.

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