Project Participants

Project director:

Jiming Jiang / Professor / University of Wisconsin—Madison

Co-Project Directors:

Paul Mitchell / Associate Professor / University of Wisconsin—Madison

Paul Bethke / Research Plant Physiologist / USDA-ARS, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Shelley Janksy / Research Geneticist / USDA-ARS, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Rich Novy / Research Geneticist / USDA-ARS, University of Idaho

Roy Navarre / Research Geneticist / USDA-ARS, Washington State University

Van-Den Truong / Research Food Technologist / USDA-ARS, North Carolina State University

Yi Wang / Assistant Professor / University of Idaho

Nora Olsen / Professor / University of Idaho

Mike Thornton / Professor / University of Idaho

Dave Douches / Professor / Michigan State University

N. Richard Knowles / Professor / Washington State University

Mark Pavek / Associate Professor / Washington State University

Greg Porter / Professor / University of Maine

L. Brian Perkins / Assistant Professor / University of Maine

Mary Camire / Professor / University of Maine

G. Craig Yencho / Professor / North Carolina State University

Wally Huffman / Professor / Iowa State University

Carl Rosen / Professor / University of Minnesota

Vidyasagar (Sagar) Sathuvalli / Assistant Professor / Oregon State University

Brian Charlton / Assistant Professor / Oregon State University

Key Personnel—Cooperators:

Jeff Suttle / Research Leader / USDA–ARS

Walter De Jong / Associate Professor / Cornell University

David Holm / Professor / Colorado State University

Asunta (Susie) Thompson / Associate Professor / North Dakota State University

Kathy Haynes / Research Plant Geneticist / USDA-ARS

Creighton Miller / Professor / Texas A&M University

Jiwan Palta / Professor / University of Wisconsin—Madison

Advisory Committee:


Gregg Halverson, Chip sector

Ed Schneider, Frozen Processed sector

Monty Smith, Fresh Market sector


Gregg Halverson / Black Gold Farms, ND

Dick Pavelski / Heartland Farms, WI

Jason Walther / Walther Farms, MI

Jeff Harper / Flying H Ranch, ID

Keith McGovern / R.D. Offutt Company, ND

Ed Schneider / Schneider Farms, WA

Andy Diercks / Coloma Farms, WI

Tim Young / Sandyland Farms, MI

Monty Smith / Three S Ranch, CO

Lon Baley / Baley Trotman Potato Company, OR

Justin Dagen / Justin Dagen Farm, MN

Trevor Michaud / Michaud Farm, ME

Robert Guenthner / Guenthner Potato Company, WI

Chip Processors

Gene Herr / Manager for Potato Procurement / Herr Foods Inc.

Jeff Thomas / Purchasing Manager / Salty Snacks, Snyder`s, Lance, Inc.

Frozen Processors

Tom Salaiz / Agronomist / McCain Foods USA, Inc.

Steve Vernon / Vice President Quality and Innovation / J.R. Simplot

Joe Rehder / Manager for Agriculture Services / Lamb-Weston

Linda Tiffany / Research and Development / HJ Heinze

Quick Service Restaurant / End Users

Mitch Smith / Director of US Quality Systems, Agricultural Products / McDonald`s

Gerhard Bester / Agricultural Research and Development Director / Frito-Lay Managers of State Grower Organizations

Bill Brewer / Executive Director / Oregon Potato Commission

Pat Kole / Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs / Idaho Potato Commission

Jim Ehrlich / Executive Director / Colorado Potato Administrative Committee

Don Flannery / Executive Director / Maine Potato Board

Ben Kudwa / Executive Director / Michigan Potato Industry Commission

Chuck Gunnerson / President / Northern Plains Potato Growers Association

Andy Jensen / Director of Research / Northwest Potato Research Consortium

At Large Members

David Parish / CEO / AIS Consulting LLC, TX

Researcher Members

Dave Douches / Potato Geneticist / Michigan State University

Rich Novy / Potato Geneticist / USDA-ARS, University of Idaho

Paul Bethke / Potato Physiologist / USDA-ARS, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Mike Thornton / Potato Physiologist / University of Idaho

Mark Pavek / Potato Extension Specialist / Washington State University

Yi Wang / Potato Physiologist / University of Idaho